Tim Curly Leach Net Worth
Net Worth$1 Million
NameTim Curly Leach
Monthly Income$6K
Annual Income$67K
DOB28 April 1954
Age69 Years
Height5′ 6″
ProfessionFishing, Hunting

Are you searching for Tim Curly Leach net worth but do you know who is he?

Nowadays websites are commonly used for time passes or entertainment. Just like entertainment, some people are getting viral and making new sources of income and face recognition.

Tim Curly Leach is one of them who is trending after performing in a web series called “Lawless Island”

Tim Curly Leach is an American resident. He is known for Port Protection in Alaska.

There Tim Curly Leach was a Lamberman who supplied firewood to the Alaska community. He is also known for fishing and hunting.

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Tim Curly Leach Net Worth

Tim Curly Leach Net Worth, we have checked several sources but at the end of the research of Tim Curly Leach Net Worth, we are here with an estimated $1 million.

Like you and me, Tim Curly Leach loves to keep his income and personal life private. Tim Curly Leach doesn’t share his real income. Tim Curly Leach lives like a common person. He doesn’t try to earn more money.

Tim Curly Leach

According to online data, Tim Curly Leach was a cast member of port protection in Alaska. There he gained around $64,589 per year as a good-to-go salary.

The cast member who is acting charges $4500 per episode.

As per port protection and TV series income reports, Curly Leach net worth is estimated at $1 million in 2023.

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Early life

Timothy Leach aka Tim Curly Leach was born on 28 April 1954 in the USA. He rose up in Rochester, Washington.

But Tim Curly Leach later moved to Protection Road, Alaska due to her job, and his address is located that place in his voter ID card.

March 14, 1996, Tim Curly Leach registered himself as a Republican in Alaska.

He completed her higher education at Rochester High School. But there is no available information on her next education life.

However, we don’t know more about his early life and education and we respect his privacy.

Tim Curly Leach profile summary

Birth nameCurly Leach
Birth placeRochester, Washington
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Birth SignTaurus
Wife NameN/A


After Curly Leach grew up he wanted to keep his life private. So he chose a port protection job in Alaska. but we don’t find any information about her prior life.

In 2010, Tim Curly Leach joined Port Protection with 48 people. they have all lived here alone life and they have had a personal profession.

Tim Curly Leach was a lumberjack and hunter. Mainly he was cutting firewood and the wood he supplied to the other community who lived there. Tim Curly Leach has a hobby. So sometimes he used to go fishing.

Tim Curly Leach career

Tim Curly Leach appeared in a Stick TV series. Those series are telecasted on the National Geography Channel.

Tim Curly Leach shared on his Facebook handle that he is relocated to his home in Washington and said “My goal is to be back home in Washington hugging my mom and aunt by Christmas”.

Here are some web series and TV shows where Tim Curly Leach appeared:

  1. Lawless Island
  2. Port Protection Alaska: Off the Grid

Tim Curly Leach also appeared on several shows on the Discovery channel.

Most people know him just because of TV shows and for this, we have also faced issues in gathering information related to Tim Curly Leach net worth.

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Income sources

Tim Curly Leach survives his very commonly. He never earns much money.

TV shows: Before TV shows, Tim Curly Leach’s main income was port protection job but for now he is making a good amount of money from TV shows.

Trade: Tim Curly Leach loves to work alone. In Alaska, he cuts firewood and the wood he supplies to the other community. Thus he made a trade and earned some money.

Fishing: To survive his life, Sometimes he used to go out fishing in the river of Alaska. Thus Tim Curly Leach spends his time and gains some money.

After seeing all these income sources, it’s easy to overwhelm Tim Curly Leach net worth of $1 million.

Personal Life

Tim Curly Leach has kept his personal life as a secret story. He never disclosed his wife or girlfriend’s name or any information.

However, on November 6, 2014, he updated his relationship status on Facebook. Tim Curly Leach got many wishes from his friends.

On May 8, 2016, Tim Curly Leach published two women’s photos. they look so pretty.

But it was not clear to anyone that they were his wife or daughter and had any relation.

Are Timothy A Leach and Tim Curly Leach the same person?

No, they are not the same person. Timothy A Leach and Tim Curly Leach are professionally different people. But Timothy A Leach and Timothy Leach are the same person.

Timothy A Leach is an advisor to the chief executive officer. He is also a board of directors member of the ConocoPhillips. He has worked for 40 years in the oil and natural gas industry.

Timothy A Leach’s estimated net worth is $130 million in 2023.


Finally, we are in the bottom line of Tim Curly Leach net worth with our final words. Tim Curly Leach is a man of mystery.

Tim Curly Leach, known for “Lawless Island” and “Port Protection in Alaska”. He kept his private life quiet and earned it through TV shows, trading firewood, and fishing.

Not much is known about his personal life. He’s not the same person as Timothy A Leach, an industry professional with a net worth of $130 million.

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