Gracie's Corner Net Worth
Net Worth$12 Million
NameGracie’s Corner
Monthly Income$334K+
Annual Income$4 Million+
FounderJavoris Hollingsworth
Created on21 Jun, 2020
Main CharacterGraceyn
CategoryEducational and fun songs

Gracie’s Corner net worth: Hollingsworth and his wife, Arlene Gordon-Hollingsworth, created a show inspired by their own child, Gracie.

The show has many different characters who sing and dance to songs, some of which are like reggae and hip-hop.

Gracie's Corner family

They got the idea for the show when they were at home a lot during quarantine and were looking for fun stuff for their kids to watch.

Javoris noticed that there weren’t many shows where the characters looked like their own children, so they decided to make one.

That decision changed everything.

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Gracie’s Corner – A Journey to Success

Gracie’s Corner is a popular YouTube channel and musical artist that creates educational and fun songs for kids of all ages.

The channel was created in 2020 by a team of experienced educators and songwriters passionate about early childhood education.


The idea for Gracie’s Corner came from a group of educators who were frustrated with the lack of high-quality educational songs for kids. They wanted to create songs that were not only educational but also fun and engaging for children.

Main Character

The main character of Gracie’s Corner is Graceyn, a friendly and engaging girl who loves to sing, dance, and learn new things.

Graceyn is a positive role model for children and encourages them to be curious and explore the world around them.

Awards and Recognition

Gracie’s Corner has been nominated for and won numerous awards, including:

  • A Parents’ Choice Award
  • A Telly Award
  • A Communicator Award

Sources of Gracie’s Corner’s Income

YouTubers can generate revenue from YouTube ads by joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). To be eligible for the YPP, a channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months. Once a channel is approved for the YPP, YouTube will display ads on their videos and the YouTuber will earn a share of the advertising revenue.

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Gracie’s Corner is a popular YouTube channel with over 2.62M subscribers. The channel generates a significant amount of revenue from YouTube ads. In 2022, Gracie’s Corner was estimated to earn between $250,000 and $2.5 million from YouTube ads alone.

But, in 2023, these earnings have reached $4 million. According to Social Blade, this number exceeds $5 million annually.

Gracie’s Corner net worth

Gracie’s Corner net worth is $12 million. Gracie’s Corner net worth is generated through ads, personalized videos, merchandise sales, and deals.

Gracie’s Corner Makes a Profit on Cameo

To access Gracie’s Corner’s personalized video messages, fans are required to pay a fee. The fee, which is currently $25, serves as a form of revenue generation for the channel.

Gracie's Corner

By charging a fee, Gracie’s Corner is able to compensate its creators for their time and effort in creating personalized messages for fans.

How to Get a Personalized Video from Gracie’s Corner

Gracie’s Corner, a popular YouTube channel that creates educational and fun songs for kids, offers personalized video messages for fans. These messages are a great way to celebrate special occasions, send greetings to loved ones, or simply surprise your kids with a message from their favorite character.

Step 1: Choose a Character

The first step is to choose a character from Gracie’s Corner. There are a variety of characters to choose from, including Gracie, her friends, and her family.

Step 2: Select an Occasion

Next, you need to select an occasion for your video message. There are a variety of occasions to choose from, including birthdays, holidays, and everyday moments.

Step 3: Fill Out the Order Form

Once you have chosen a character and an occasion, you need to fill out the order form. The order form will ask you to provide information about your child, such as their name and age. You will also need to provide a brief message that you would like Gracie to say in the video.

Step 4: Receive Your Video

After you have submitted your order, you will receive your video within 7 days. The video will be delivered to the email address that you provided in the order form.

Bonus Points

If you capture your child’s reaction to the video and share it on social media, you will receive bonus points. To earn bonus points, you must tag Gracie’s Corner in your post and use the hashtag #GracieCornerCameo.


The cost of a personalized video message from Gracie’s Corner is $25 to $30. The price of the video will vary depending on the length of the video and the character that you choose.

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Gracie’s Corner, a YouTube channel that creates educational and fun content for kids, has achieved remarkable success. Gracie’s Corner net worth has grown significantly, reaching $12 million in 2023, with an estimated annual income exceeding $4 million. This success underscores the demand for engaging and diverse educational content that resonates with both children and parents.

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