Bessie Coleman Quarter worth

Bessie Coleman Quarter worth: Bessie Coleman was an American pilot and activist. She was the first African-American woman and the first Native American-woman to earn a pilot’s license.

Coleman was born in Atlanta, Texas, in 1892. She longed to fly but was barred from US schools due to her race and gender.

Bessie Coleman

Undeterred, Coleman saved up enough money to travel to France, where she earned her pilot’s license in 1921.

Coleman returned to the United States and became a barnstorming pilot, performing stunts and air shows.

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She also became a vocal advocate for civil rights and aviation education for African Americans.

Coleman’s career was tragically cut short in 1926 when she was killed in a plane crash at the age of 34.

The Bessie Coleman Quarter is part of the US Mint’s program honoring notable American women.

The Bessie Coleman Quarter was released in 2023 and features a design of Coleman preparing for flight.

The reverse of the coin also includes the inscriptions “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “QUARTER DOLLAR,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” “BESSIE COLEMAN,” and “6.15. 1921,” the date Coleman received her pilot’s license.

Bessie Coleman Quarter worth

Bessie Coleman Quarter worth depends on several factors, including its condition, rarity, and whether it has any errors.


Uncirculated coins are worth more than circulated coins. Circulated coins show wear from everyday use. Uncirculated coins are new and show no signs of wear.


Rare coins are worth more than common coins. Rare coins may have been minted in limited quantities or may have errors.

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Error coins are coins that have been minted incorrectly. Common errors include off-center strikes, double strikes, and missing design elements. Error coins can be very valuable, especially if they are rare.

Value of Bessie Coleman Quarters

Bessie Coleman Quarter

Here is a general guide to Bessie Coleman Quarter worth:

  • Uncirculated coins: $1.10
  • Circulated coins: $0.25
  • Rare coins: $4.50 or more
  • Error coins: $50 or more

To assess a potentially valuable Bessie Coleman Quarter, get it professionally graded by NGC or PCGS.

A grading service will assess the condition of your coin and assign it a grade. The grade will affect the value of your coin.

Here are some examples of Bessie Coleman Quarter worth that have sold for high prices at auction:

  1. A 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter with a “scar on face” error sold for $404.16 on eBay.
  2. A 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter with an off-center strike sold for $317.20 on eBay.
  3. A 2023 Bessie Coleman Quarter with a double strike sold for $202.00 on eBay.
  4. If you have any questions about the value of your Bessie Coleman Quarter, you should consult a coin expert.

In addition to the intrinsic value of the coin, the Bessie Coleman Quarter is also a sought-after collectible by many people.

This is due to its historical significance and the fact that it is a limited-edition issue. As a result, Bessie Coleman Quarter worth may continue to increase over time.

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The Bessie Coleman Quarter is a valuable coin for several reasons and Bessie Coleman Quarter worth is increased for this.

It is a well-designed coin that honors an important American figure. It is also a limited-edition issue, which means that its value is likely to increase over time.

If you have a Bessie Coleman Quarter, be sure to check its condition and look for any errors. A coin in good condition without errors can be worth more than its face value.

You may also want to consider having your coin graded by a professional coin grading service. It helps determine your coin’s value and makes selling easier if desired.

Whether you are a coin collector, history buff, or simply appreciate a well-designed coin, the Bessie Coleman Quarter is a worthy addition to any collection.

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